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Moldy Girl Update

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Hello my friends! What a month it has been! Has anyone else been feeling the shift in energy lately? I have been up and down. Busy working and super focused to blah and unmotivated. Thankfully, I feel the ebb and flow turning into a constant flow. One of the culprits I found out about was that I had mold! I have never had mold in my body before but after the 7 weeks down in Galveston at the beach houses, I guess I just got too much exposure. As I started feeling the symptoms, I didn't even think to muscle test myself for mold. Luckily, my Naturopathic Doctor tested me and it came out a resounding positive! The symptoms I experienced:

  • massive brain fog to the point that I was unable to even speak properly formed sentences

  • extreme fatigue that had me basically bedridden towards the end

  • itchy and dry patches of skin on my palms

  • red and itchy arm pits that were sore to the touch

  • ibs symptoms turning into leaky gut

  • then leaky gut symptoms trying to activate my autoimmune conditions

  • severe depression and mood swings

  • hard of breathing

  • migraine headaches keeping me from being able to sleep

  • joint pain especially in my hands, knees and hips

Have you guys ever had mold before? Luckily, as a Functional Medicine Consultant, once I knew what I was dealing with, I knew exactly how to combat it. It took about a month from start to finish but I am happy to announce I am back to my grand ol self again full of energy and spunk!

So, what I quickly wanted to share with you is HOW did I remove the mold from my body so quickly??

Four things played a big role in this detox and healing:

  1. Diet

  2. Supplementation

  3. Stress management

  4. Energy work

Some of the symptoms I noticed were beginning to get a bit scary for me. I noticed that the mold was tearing up my gut so badly that I was concerned that I would have my first Crohn's, RA or Hashimoto's flare up in over 8 years. So, I knew I had to do everything I could to combat this so it didn't domino into disease dynamics. After all, disease does in fact begin in the gut.

1. First I will address a summary of the diet that I followed. It was key to remove anything that mold feeds on and to add in foods that reduce inflammation and aid in detox elimination.

The diet I chose is closely related to the Anthony Williams 9 day cleanse with a few changes. I did still eat a few ounces of organic, clean and safe poultry like chicken and I did allow some healthy fats like EVOO and avocado. I timed my fats though to make sure I was giving my liver the optimal healing experience and wasn't overloading it.

This also meant removing ALL processed foods, caffeine (yesss... bye coffee), and basically anything that didn't come straight from an organic farm. I didn't want any extra toxin load coming from the foods I was eating.

2. Supplements were key. I went straight into my normal gut healing protocol to heal the lining of my gut from any more damage. The first 7 days of the cleanse I added some activated charcoal to help flush out the toxins (in addition to the lemon water/celery juice I was doing with my cleanse). After the first 7 days, I switched to an anti fungal.

3. I gave myself so much grace during this time. I rested when I needed to. I didn't tax my body if it said no. I took up a daily meditation practice to mindfully put myself into a healing state. I watched tv shows and movies that made me laugh and feel good. I read books that brought me joy. And lastly, I avoided as much drama as I could. (In NYC this can be a bit tricky and out of your control sometimes lol)

4. I was persistent on using Body Code on myself. Clearing out the imbalances and toxins that my body was holding onto. I am a firm believer that we are health certain things during parts of our lives to help us learn something from it. This mold, I believe, was no different for me.

After a month of trial and error and finding out what worked for me, the mold was GONE! And is still gone! I am back to my healthy, spunky self and it feels amazing. This is a prime example of what functional medicine is and how with the right guidance, your body knows exactly what to do to heal itself.

If you would like to get help on putting the puzzle pieces together and addressing the root cause of your health issues, I would be honored to work with you so you can find relief and healing in your body.

Just comment below or visit my website to contact me and set up a free Discovery Call!

Look forward to hearing from you!


May you live your life with purpose, passion, and joy!

Have Courage, my Friends!

In Health & Wellness,

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