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Do you know what is really going on in your gut?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Hey there friends,

I don't know about you but gut health has become quite the buzz word in my world - and for good reason! Not only was I diagnosed with Crohn's disease back in 2008 but I felt like I struggled with my gut health most of my life!!... until 2015 that is. When I found Functional Medicine. And let's be honest, I'm human! There are times where my gut begins to get a little funky due to lack of self-care like STRESSING TOO MUCH!!! But luckily being a Functional Medicine coach that specializes in gut health - I always know how to reel it back in and heal quickly before I EVER get close to getting sick again. But not everyone is in this position, right? I mean, gut health is my jam! I not only reversed my Crohns (and other diseases and cancer naturally) but I have studied it for YEARS and help my clients on a daily basis heal their guts too! Within weeks my clients are saying "OMG is this what it feels like to actually feel good?? I don't know what to even do with all this extra energy and time now!" Yep - I know the feeling! Research overwhelmingly indicates that gut health impacts overall health. The gut microbiome, in particular, plays a critical role in mediating the effects of diet and other factors on health, including digestive, immune, metabolic and neuroendocrine functions. Assessing GI health with the proper tools can help practitioners like myself get to the root cause of chronic illness. So I wanted to share with you a wonderful Function Lab Test that I order for the majority of my clients, the GI-MAP.

Almost every one of my clients can benefit from a GI-MAP gut health assessment. Some clients are looking to achieve optimal health, while other clients have been chronically ill and frustrated without a diagnosis for years.

Some conditions that warrant testing are:

  • Autoimmune diseases


  • Digestive complaints, diarrhea or constipation

  • Brain fog

  • Skin problems, like acne and psoriasis

  • Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety

  • Diabetes and weight loss issues

The GI-MAP (Microbial Assay Plus) is unique in the field of comprehensive stool testing. It relies exclusively on quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology to detect parasites, bacteria, fungi, and more by targeting the specific DNA of the organisms tested.

It takes a look at the microbiome on a microscopic level looking for commensal (friendly) bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, virus', parasites, worms, immune markers, yeast, fungi, H. Pylori and more! Did you know that a lot of the people who come to me with an Autoimmune Disease usually have an infection that is at the root?? But these are tests that. most doctors don't check for! I've looked and tried to compare (for insurance sake) but nada...

This is also one of the first tests that was ordered for me when I actually healed and reversed everything.

So, are you interested in what is ACTUALLY going on in your gut?

Contact my office & we can set you up with a test and evaluation!

At Feel Good Nourishment LLC we offer an array of Functional Lab tests that range from gut health, hormone imbalances, toxin exposure, food sensitivities, thryoid panels and more! Examples of additional testing that can be ordered are:

  • Full Thyroid Panel

  • Autoimmune

  • GI Effects

  • Food sensitivities

  • Dutch tests

  • Sex hormone panels

  • Stress hormone panels

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

  • MycoToxins + Mold

  • Vitamins & Mineral deficiencies

  • & more!

If you are sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED in your body and want to be free to have HEALTH + VITALITY, hit reply and I'd love to see how I can serve you. Or if you know someone who suffers from a chronic disease, long haul covid, gut issues and more, please feel free to forward this link to them and spread the love!

May you go out into this world blessing it with the gifts you have to offer!

If you would like to get help on putting the puzzle pieces together and addressing the root cause of your health issues, I would be honored to work with you so you can find relief and healing in your body.

Visit my website to contact me and set up a free Discovery Call!

Look forward to hearing from you!

May you live your life with purpose, passion, and joy!

Have Courage, my Friends!

In Health & Wellness,

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