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Kick off 2024 by uncovering the root cause of why you just don't good!


Address your gut issues, hormones, pain, sleep, skin, & more. We’re ready to go above and beyond to eliminate the symptoms holding you back.


Have you ever wondered what the Root Cause of your illness was?


Then look no further!


We have created an in-depth examination based who you are as the unique person you are and what could be the underlying causes to why you don't feel well. No more being treated as just a number or told you are fine when you know that's not true. You are in the drivers seat here as you tell us exactly what you are experiencing in your body for the most effective information. 


Included with this analysis you will receive your own personalized root cause analysis report that goes in depth of 16 areas of your health, where,

  • you may have imbalances, 
  • what the root causes are, and 
  • what you can do about them!


This analysis goes deep so be prepared to get clarity and in-depth information to help you on your health journey to wellness. 


Also, you get a one-on-one consultation with an Applied Functional Medicine Practitioner to go over your results with you and to answer any questions you may have! 


Let's dive in to get you the answers you have been searching for!


Step 1: Once purchased you will be prompted immediately to download our welcome letter with a link to the evaluation and how to book your call.


Step 2: Fill out the evaluation. This has been designed to discover what truly is sitting at the root!


Step 3: Look for your Personalized Report in your email. 


Step 4: Book your call with an Applied Functional Medicine Practitioner to go in-depth and discuss a personalized plan for you. 


A more affordable way to get to the root! 

Local clinic = $1,000 per month

Root Cause Analysis = $199 one time cost


Get Started Today. 

Root Cause Analysis

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