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Book a Free Consultation today to answer any of your questions, get clarity and to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

What We


One on One Consultation

This is your time to be heard. We will spend quality time together getting to the root causes of your health concerns so we can successfully and effectively support your body to healing. 


Telehealth Worldwide Services

Not located near us? No problem. We help people from all over the world! We have had clients in Australia, Denmark, UK, USA, South Africa and beyond. 


Packages & Payment Plans

We understand Functional Medicine Services can be pricey without access to insurance. We've been through it personally too! This is why we offer big money saving packages and payment plans for those who are willing to commit to their health and healing with us.


Full Service Functional Labs

Hear that your labs are 'fine'  but you still don't feel well? Full comprehensive labs can paint more of the picture of your health and help us target your care once and for all. 


Personalized Protocols

Effective and lasting care requires it to be personal for your unique body, diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors and this is where we thrive.


Expert Guidance & Support

We are gut health and autoimmune experts here! Not only have we personally been through the journey of successful healing, we expertly guide our clients through it everyday! We understand gut is king when it comes to your health.

Note: There is a 48 hour cancellation or reschedule policy for all Consultations
(72 hour for Initial Consultations).

Happy Friends

Functional Medicine & Nutrition

Consultation Packages

If you are looking for more affordable options that gives you WAY more benefits like:

  • Save hundreds of dollars

  • Free email & messaging support between sessions

  • Client portal access

  • Consistent accountability & support

  • Online Community Support

  • Increased likelihood of achieving your best health

  • Discounts on all labs

  • Additional discounts on first order supplements

  • and more!

"Amber transformed my health and quality of life in just the six months we worked together! Despite being a “healthy” person, everything in my body felt off and I had no clear answers from the doctors I had seen. In contrast to that experience, from day one meeting with Amber I felt heard, understood, and I could see she was picking apart the puzzle to provide me a clear path forward to better health. She provided individualized, meaningful recommendations that became the building blocks of my recovery. Every week she would come back eager to hear about my progress and with new ideas to continue weaving into my care. Taking control of my health was an enjoyable challenge that was entirely possible in my own hands with Amber as my coach! She is thoughtful, creative, consistent, and a positive force that I wish everyone could be lucky enough experience! I’m eternally thankful to Amber for reconnecting me to my body and steering me toward a lifetime of better health!"

Sarah L.

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