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Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Hello my dearest friend, For the last couple years I have been starting my year off a little different than others in the past. Instead of plans, I have dedicated the year with ONE WORD - one word that I want to focus on and embrace for the year. Last years word was: TRUST I went into the year of 2022 with a lot of things up in the air and uncertain. I needed to trust that things were going to work out. I needed to trust in this adventure I went on as I moved halfway across the country back to New York City. I needed to trust I the new relationship I was starting. I needed to trust that this year my family and I would stay safe and healthy. Boy am I glad I did. This year did not go as planned AT ALL but I am filled with so much gratitude at the way that things unfolded. If you were to look at the next year of your life... you, your health, your job, your family, your finances, your joy, your spirituality, your friends, and more... what would be a word that would bring you peace, excitement, and joy? For me... its BRAVE

I am stepping out into a big year with my business. I am being called to do things that scare me half to death but I see every day that the work I do is needed as our healthcare system continues to strain and fail our family, friends and communities. I have never been afraid of failure... I've been afraid of expanding into what I am capable of. This is the year, though. So what is it for you? Hit reply and let me know... I always love to hear from you all! With that I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year! Cheers to you... my loving community that I truly value. May you go out into this world blessing it with the gifts you have to offer!

If you would like to get help on putting the puzzle pieces together and addressing the root cause of your health issues, I would be honored to work with you so you can find relief and healing in your body.

Just visit my website to contact me and set up a free Discovery Call!

Look forward to hearing from you!


May you live your life with purpose, passion, and joy!

Have Courage, my Friends!

In Health & Wellness,

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