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Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Hey friends!

Wow... what a year it's been already, am I right?

We keep thinking that the things outside of our control are going to change or that we will find some sort of normalcy but even in part of the world where things are semi "back to normal", it's really not. (hint: anyone been to the gas stations lately?)

As for me ever since the new year hit, my life has been nothing but uncertain and I, regrettably, allowed myself to get swept away with the current. I've spent 8 weeks of the last 11 weeks traveling around the country going to Florida, NYC/Jersey and Texas. Even though two of those trips were meant to be time away to focus on me, school and my work; my work and schooling really took priority over me!

I came back from 6 weeks on the beach more stressed and sick than I left. I didn't allow myself more than one day off the entire time because I was in my head about getting things done and showing progress. I did!

But it does me no good if on the backside, I feel burnout, worn down and stressed.

They say - "A healthy man has a thousand wishes, but a sick man only has one."

And isn't that the truth?!

And that's exactly how I felt. I came home burnt out with my gut acting up from all the stress so I went straight into healing mode to heal my gut > and thus my body.

But that took me having to pause.

We can pause when we are forced by our body, or we can build it in a habit so we don't get to that point. When I'm at home, my habits are strong and set in stone, but even I'm human so as I began traveling I got way off my routine.

Even though since I've been back in Oklahoma, I have still been studying Functional Medicine, serving my 1-on-1 coaching and Body Code clients, and packing for my upcoming move back to New York City this week, I have made it a MUST to pause... to pause multiple times throughout the day and give my body the rest, love and attention it needs in order to heal.

Do you have a habit of taking care of yourself and allowing you to pause no matter what chaos is going around you, or do you frequently get to a point of burn out and being forced to slow down?

Do you make it a MUST, a priority, to care for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing?

Do you need a friendly hand to hold, to get you on the right track to coach you to better self-care habits?

I would love to know! Comment below and share with me thing that you rely on OR areas where you may struggle! I love all your responses :)

May you live your life with purpose, passion, and joy. Have Courage, my Friends!

In Health & Wellness,

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