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Hear from you!

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Hello dear friends.

Hope all is well in your life today!

As the seasons are beginning to change, so is my attention and focus for my business as I continue to grow and evolve my practice.

This means I want some feedback from YOU as far as what you'd like to learn more about in these monthly emails! I would LOVE your opinions! These blogs are such a joy to write, especially if I know that they are helping others.

I also just finished my last Semester studying Functional Medicine and am now preparing for the thesis phase for full Functional Medicine Certification! I can't express how excited I am!

But this also means that my practice is changing in a whole new way as of now which is even more exciting!

Some of you may be thinking "What is Functional Medicine?"


What is Functional Medicine?

The functional medicine model of care offers a patient-centered approach to chronic disease management.It seeks to answer the question, “Why are you ill?” so you can receive personalized, effective care for your needs. We spend time listening to you and gathering your medical history to puzzle piece your unique root cause.

I work with my clients by addressing diet, toxin exposures, lifestyle factors, stress, mindset, microbiome disruptions and more to find the root cause to their imbalanced dynamics.

In addition, I evaluate existing lab work, order functional lab work that may be helpful and work with supplement education to help you identify and address immediate imbalances.


You may be familiar with people like Mark Hyman, Will Cole, Jeffery Bland, Frank Lipman and more? They are all Certified and working in Functional Medicine as well! What does that mean for the changes in my practice? I now offer affordable & quality:

  • Existing and new lab work evaluation in the functional medicine lens - not just "your labs look fine" but puzzle piecing the connection looking for clues as to what s keeping you from OPTIMAL health!

  • I order lab work for any missing pieces as necessary for each individual client as approved by the clients. This is an additional cost for the cost of the labs. Delivery is not allowed in NY, NJ, or RI.

  • I give effective recommendations and education on the importance of balancing the body through diet and/or supplements, why this is VITAL and where we can begin with where you are.

  • I address toxin exposure, mercury teeth fillings, pollution, mold, beauty products etc and advise each client how to properly detox the body SAFELY and effectively.

  • GUT HEALTH - I cannot express how important gut health is to the health of your all over body. If your gut is not healthy, you won't be. I work with my clients to balance and restore the health of the mucosa and gut lining and rid the body of inflammation. This can affect:

    • allergies

    • skin issues

    • hormone imbalances

    • detoxing

    • ibs

    • ibd

    • any other autoimmune

    • blood sugar

    • stress

    • mood imbalances

    • and so much more!

And this list is just the beginning of what I work with.

If you feel like you are tired of living a life where you are always exhausted, overweight, sick, in pain, having to take a bunch of OTC and pharmaceutical drugs and want some help - I am here to help.

If you would like to get help on putting the puzzle pieces together and addressing the root cause of your health issues, I would be honored to work with you so you can find relief and healing in your body.

Just visit my website to contact me and set up a free Discovery Call!

Look forward to hearing from you!


May you live your life with purpose, passion, and joy!

Have Courage, my Friends!

In Health & Wellness,

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