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Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Hi friends! Here we are. It's 2021! We have been looking forward to this time for a while now. The excitement and hope that everything was going to change when that clock struck midnight. Like we are all Cinderella or something right? However, has anything really changed? As with any New Year, we look into changing habits and reflect on the years past. But does anyone find themselves living some weird Groundhog Day life right now? Where literally every single day seems like the day before? I keep looking around for Punxsutawney Phil or Bill Murray to come walking in my front door. So, what do those days look like to you? These days for me it's the same ol' same ol'. I know for me so much has changed in the last 9 months; my life almost looks unrecognizable. I find myself missing the things that once were. Missing living in the vibrancy and haste of New York City. Missing the freedom to socialize, go to shows, gyms, restaurants, and just spend time with friends. Does anyone relate to this? I have experienced some losses this last year. But with any loss, it provides room for growth and fulfillment. And I found an opportunity to bring some jazz and spice back into my life! I recently just got back from a solo trip to Florida where I got the pleasure to get away for a while and put my feet in the sand. Not just to get away but I actually went there to adopt another dog!

I know, right? He is adorable! And SOO much work! Which is exactly what I needed right now.

This year of isolation has made me stop and look around at what my life has become. I have slowed down to be mindful and breathe in this temporary state of being and I couldn't help but to begin to look at things with a new lens.

A lens of gratitude.

Gratitude that I am alive.

Gratitude that I am here breathing.

Gratitude that I am healthy.

Gratitude that I have the space to grow and heal.

Gratitude that I can welcome a new family member into my life right now.

Gratitude that I have a roof over my head and warm covers at night.

When we spend time in gratitude, we can experience a whole host of yummy goodness.

Not only does this emotional mindset set us up for success but can also have some health benefits in a biological sense such as improvement with your blood sugar, hormonal balances, stress management, weight loss, and positive changes to your mental health.

This month take a look around at the things in your life and try to notice even the smallest of things you have to be grateful for.

For 30 days, I challenge you to make a list of at least 3 things EVERY DAY that you have to be grateful for and watch how your life begins to unfold in such positive ways. You can do this simply on your phone, in your journal, or on a pad of paper you keep on your nightstand.

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance."
-Eckart Tolle

I'd love to hear about how doing this one simple thing begins to transform your life. Email me your stories at

In Health & Wellness,


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